How Come You Just Do SalesLogix? (Part 1)

Why just SalesLogix?

Often, when we participate in a CRM evaluation, someone asks us, “How come you just do SalesLogix?”

Fair question.

Short answer is: It’s all most businesses need.

It isn’t because SalesLogix is the only tool we’re familiar with, it’s because we did our homework and realize SalesLogix handles 95% of all typical sales and marketing automation needs, runs like a well-tuned Ferrari, costs like a mid-sized Honda, and works equally well for any type and any sized company.

Its price point makes it accessible for even small firms, you can effectively add seats into the thousands, and its flexibility makes it workable for even the most unique selling situations. Not only that, SalesLogix has a capable, established partner channel, a well-run parent company (SAGE software) and a design flexible enough to deal with any sales or marketing need I’ve ever heard about.

Every other CRM tool we’ve investigated either costs more, does less or has major flaws you’ll never hear about until after you’ve plopped down your money. More specifically:

  • SalesLogix works on smart phones.
  • SalesLogix works on your laptop pc.
  • SalesLogix works on your office pc.
  • SalesLogix works on servers.
  • SalesLogix works with Excel.
  • SalesLogix works with Outlook.
  • SalesLogix works with Open Systems tools.
  • SalesLogix works in the cloud.
  • SalesLogix works for the sales team.
  • SalesLogix works for the marketing team.
  • SalesLogix works for the call center.
  • SalesLogix works for the operations team.
  • SalesLogix works with or without an ERP and gives businesses a lot of flexibility and choice.

If you sell or market for a living – SalesLogix just works….

That said, who helps you implement it will make a HUGE difference in your opinion about all that. I probably shouldn’t admit it, but for many organizations – you can work with us for a day or two using the free SalesLogix cloud demo and get 80% of what you need in a CRM tool done for little more than the price of the software licenses.

Coming up in Part 2 – Why do we believe SalesLogix is the best solution?

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