Guitar for Goals and Think and Plan – Andy McKee

Fridays I plan.  It’s Friday and you guessed it – I’m planning.  Years ago I discovered this busy man’s paradox.  Amazingly, setting aside 4 hours a week to think and plan enables me to make steady progress on my dreams and nail all my “must do’s” in half the time it used to take. 

If you’ve never tried thinking about what you want and need to do next week, please do.  Make a list, or better yet – put each “To Do” on a separate index card and arrange them, in order, by their value to your life’s purposes and pursuits.  And while you’re planning – have some fun with it.  If it makes you feel silly, like you’re wasting time or neglecting something important – just deal with it. 

Try it for a few weeks and tell me what you think.

And while you’re thinking and planning, put on some good thinking music. 

What’s thinking music, you ask?  Anything that directs your mind toward true, noble, good, right, praiseworthy, admirable and lovely….  In truth – whatever makes your mind want to wander toward your natural purpose – soar to new heights, different and appealing places.  If heavy metal music works for you (Doesn’t work for me, but I’m told it does for Perry Marshall), then by all means – try that.  If you like something more ethereal, may I humbly recommend Andy McKee

Chances are you’re one of the 37 million people who’ve already listened to Andy McKee on YouTube and you know from whence I write.  If not, you’ve missed a treat.  He’s playing “For My Father” in the background as I write.  If you like acoustic guitar at all, look him up on You Tube.

Whatever you do though – plan.  Plan your work; work your plan.  Plan your life; work your life.  Find God’s vision for your life. Create goals to accomplish that vision and work His plan, too.  OBTW – Remember to keep your mind in tune.

Littluns and The Book of Darkness – Book Review

Took a break from market research, writing and dadly attentiveness and spent the weekend relaxing.  Specifically reading Mark Glamack’s phenomenal book, Littluns and The Book of Darkness.  Haven’t read anything this good in fantasy genre since J.R.R. Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings series.

Found the book and author quite by accident looking for Christmas gifts for my children.  Reviewed the author’s website and immediately became fascinated by his approach and the story of how the book came to be.

I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice it to say Littluns is a classy gift.  Mark was kind enough to autograph my copy for me and I believe one day it’ll be a collector’s item.  If you’re looking for gift ideas and don’t know what to get someone who likes to read, likes action, creativity, excellent possibilities for a sequel or more , I hope.  Beautiful illustrations and some eerie parallels to our current global political circumstance – you’ll do well to get this book.

Well written.  Lots of action.  Good for kids and adults (thinkers who can appreciate subtle symbolism).  Beautiful art.  Exemplary good guys and nasty bad ones….

Can’t wait for the next in the series.  There just HAS to be one.